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A Little Bit About Hoffman Irrigation...

Since 1986, we have provided outstanding irrigation products and services to our midwestern customers. Our engineering experience and dedication to customer service make us the leading irrigation experts in the region.

We sell, service, and install center pivot irrigation systems, centrifugal pumps, diesel power units, generator sets, PVC underground pipelines, aluminum pipelines, chemical and fertilizer pumps, fertilizer injection systems, accessories, and more.

Hoffman Irrigation Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 1896 when Robert "Bob" and Gwen Hoffman started it. Bob and Gwen built an amazing customer base as their business grew over the years and watched many generations of farmers grow with them.

Bob passed away suddenly in August 2021. His son, Chad, who grew up tagging along and helping his dad in the business, took over. Between the knowledge that Bob taught Chad and what Chad has learned throughout the years, Hoffman Irrigation continues to grow.

Hoffman Irrigation would not be where it is today without our loyal customers who we greatly appreciate very much!!

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